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When most people are told about the aspect of Land, they might hold it in regard of Small talk or taking the issue lightly. But I intend to establish a certain degree of perspective and draw the attention of Ugandans to the magnitude in this topic of discussion, I intend to open your eyes to one of the greatest resources that God has ever given mankind.

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How real estate prices will respond to covid- 19 crisis

Over time, Economics has dictated that during times of crisis, general prices of goods and services will respond either with an increase or a decrease in the price of any item. However, there exists a trend that prices of real estate especially land and houses do not respond the same way. The stress that the global shutdown inflicts on the property industry will reveal a lot about how resilient property prices are to this kind of event. It is true that property prices are very resilient in such times.

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One Man once mentioned something, he said “It is most satisfying to own Land” “The fulfilment that comes from the fact that you fully own the ground that you are stepping on”. I have practiced in the real estate industry close to 10 years now and I must say I agree with the saying of this wise man, with a daily experience on how millions of people are passionate about owning a plot of Land. As we approach this festive season or to outrightly put, ending the year, it could be your goal to end the year with a plot of land of your own, luckily enough, we are here to make this dream come true. But in the conquest of daily business.

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